Public speaking and structured writing are essential skills that will accompany us throughout our lives. World Scholars will help students become confident debaters and persuasive writers. These debates and writing prompts are fueled by an enriching curriculum that will enable students to explore world knowledge that goes far beyond their school academics.



The first semester will focus on laying out a foundation for speaking and writing. Students will engage with various debate motions and writing prompts, designed to improve their eloquence, logic, and teamwork. These motions and prompts will challenge students to deliver compelling speeches and  essays.

The second semester will focus on applying these foundation skills in preparation for the competition. Here, students will learn more about the global community through online lectures (see below). They will then apply this knowledge to strengthen their debating and writing. This semester will turn students into scholars.


Outside of the second semester club times, students will also have an online class that covers the World Scholar's Cup yearly curriculum. Each class combines informational lectures with interactive elements and discussions to keep students engaged. Here, students will also learn to take effective notes and study methods. Students will get to test their collective team knowledge in a team challenge against their peers the following offline class. Following the last online class, the students will work with the World Scholars coaches to compile a book containing everything that they've learned throughout the year.

View a sample online class here.


PACE assigns mandatory homework across all of our clubs. Students are also given access to online resources via Google Classroom.

At the end of each World Scholars class, students will receive a weekly homework assignment to help them practice their writing skills and curriculum knowledge. All essay assignments receive careful review and feedback from instructors, detailing what the student can do to improve. The World Scholars workload will grow increasingly harder across each semester. In a different setting, these assignments would eventually reach a point where it may feel overwhelming. However, our program will teach scholars how to effectively manage their workload and utilize their time. Scholars may eventually find themselves asking for extra homework.


The World Scholar's Cup is divided into three rounds: Regional, Global, and Tournament of Champions. At the end of the second semester, all scholar teams will compete together in the Regional Round in Vancouver. Upon qualifying, scholars can then register for Global prep class and move onto the next round of competition. After the Global Round, scholars can register to move onto the final round of competition at Yale University.

This year, 11 PACE teams competed in the Vancouver Regional Round and all 11 teams qualified for the Global Round. With no prior experience, our scholars swept the competition, taking first across the board and placing top 5 in every event. Seven PACE teams continued their journey in Sydney, Australia where they competed against 500 other teams. In their first Global Round, our scholars brought home first place trophies and top 5 medals in multiple events. All 7 teams have qualified for the Tournament of Champions in November.

Read more about the World Scholar's Cup experience here.


2020-2021 Class Year

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