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Why You Should Visit New Japan

Phoenix W.

New Japan is a wonderful country. It's located in East Asia, the territory consists of four large islands and more than 6,800 small islands. The big islands are Food world, Animal world, Entertainment area, and Technology area. Each island has different attractions that makes the island unique. The area of the New Japan is ​​100,000 square kilometres.


A long time ago, scientists invented a bottle that has full of magic. In the bottle, you can take out a little bit of magic ‘gas’, then the places you put the ‘gas’ will grew magic things. The government wanted Japan to be full of magic. So they opened the lid, and put the magic gas all over the place. After a night, when the people wakes up, they saw a completely different world. The animals, buildings, technologies are completely different. The people lived in Japan wanted to make the country new. So they changed their traditions, foods, and inventing magical things.  


In New Japan, the food has been completely updated. The most famous dish in New Japan: Kaiseki cuisine. Kaiseki cuisine is a meal that the host invited guests to taste in the Japanese tea ceremony at the beginning. Its main form is one juice and three dishes.


But in the New Japan, they changed it to one juice, one soup and three dishes. They added more varieties of juices, and most of which are mixed with many kinds of fruits. Each glass of juice is mixed with at least three different fruits, so that each mouthful will taste different. The first taste was sweet, and the next taste became sour, and the customer found the taste delicious. For the soup, you have many choices. But the soup must have 2 kinds of vegetable, 1 meat or seafood. There are different levels of spicy soup, sour soup. The vegetables in the soup cutted into different kinds of shapes. There are shapes like characters in the comics, pets, candies, flowers etc. For the vegetables, you can put different kinds of vegetables together, and the chief will make the into a flower. The second dish you can choose rice or noodles. In the New Japan, the rice became interesting. The rice have different shapes and color. Some rice are in snowflake shapes, raindrop shapes…. The last dish is dessert. I suggest you to try Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, tempera, sushi, and udon noodle.





Takoyaki is the most famous national snack in Osaka. The takoyaki in Osaka will really put a small octopus in the flour and the meat will be stuffed. In the New Japan, on top of the takoyaki, there will be more kinds of sauce, sprickles, and it will make the flour into different color. The red colored flour is made by tomatoes, the purple colored flour is made by taro. The green colored flour is made by green vegetables. 


Okonomiyaki is a food in Kansai. In this food, it has, pork slices (or other meats), shrimp (or other seafood), eggs and other ingredients are grilled on a hot iron plate, and special sauces, mayonnaise and firewood are poured before eating. The special feature of this cuisine is that the ingredients can be freely matched and you can make whatever you like.



Animals in Japan are mystical and amusing.


You can ride on owls, dogs, and fishes. You can ride owls for travel or play on the sky. These owls lives on the cloud. They likes to eat tempura and miso soup. You can call them down by putting the food they liked on the ground and ask "May I take a ride?” Then the owls will pick you up. Riding owls on the sky is dangerous. You need to by a special bubble that protects you from falling, like a parachute.


In the New Japan, dogs can run faster than horses. You need to buy a saddle for riding, and you can buy a bubble for protect you from falling off. The dogs can grow up into a baby horse size. The pet dogs are better than a wild dog for riding. Because you might need to give it more food to the wild dogs than to your pet dogs. It might run too fast and too slow. But some pet dogs are slower that wild dogs.


You also can ride fishes too. If you have fishes in your house, you can put them into a bottle and carry it to the river. If you don’t have a fish at home, you might need to wait the fishes for a long time. The fishes lives in deep water. They loves sushi. If you want an adventure in water, you can buy  them in the animal world.

Magic doggo


The entertainment area is divided into three areas.


The first area is in the sea. You need to ride a fish to come and play in the sea. In the sea, you can collect some shell pearls, you can also participate in treasure hunts, parkour and so on. The parkour is a kind of entertainment that people like very much. You need to ride a fish to avoid obstacles. There are many levels in this parkour game, every watch will have achievements. If you collect all the achievements, you can get a free seafood ticket.


The next area is mirror park. Mirror park is the most  famous entertainment area. In the park, there are magical mirrors. These mirrors can let you travel into any places, before, future or even ancient. But the fee for the travel is very expensive.


In the sky, there is even more fun. You need to ride a creature Takoyaki is the most famous national snack in Osaka. The takoyaki in Osaka will really put a small octopus in the flour and the meat will be stuffed. In the New Japan, on top of the takoyaki, there will be more kinds of sauce, sprickles, and it will make the flour into different color. The red colored flour is made by tomatoes, the purple colored flour is made by taro. The green colored flour is made by green vegetables.


Science and technology are very developed in New Japan.


Scientists invented teleportation. This feature is in a watch. In addition to the transmission function, this watch also has a positioning function. This way you can find it even if you lost it. You can enter a location and a picture of that location will appear on your watch. Select a location in the picture and transfer it. Before teleporting, a red light will appear at the location you selected, prompting passersby to stay away from it to prevent stepping and collision. This invention eases traffic jams and allows people to get to places faster.

New Japan's teleportation network.


5 Reasons to Visit Atlantis

Marcus X.

On January 1, 2020, Atlantis was finally found by Dr. Bob Smith. People have been rushing to go underwater in the Atlantic Ocean ever since. To get there, you need to ride an underwater submarine that costs $100 per person. The submarine is made of hard glass so you can see everything underwater. The submarine can fit 75 people at a time and it takes an hour to get to the final destination, Atlantis.


1 - Food


In Atlantis, food is not hard to find,and not hard to eat either. With Gordon Ramsay cooking seafood, everything will be delicious. The variety of seafood is all delicious, with oyster, clam, crab, lobster, shrimp, octopus, and of course, fish. Don’t worry, they don’t serve turtles.

2 - Animals

With so many cute animals underwater, you have to have a petting zoo. The zoo consists of turtles, dolphins, and all different types of fish! You will also get to ride big seahorses, turtles, dolphins, baby sharks, and baby whales. There is also a new species of fish called the Capa Daca that can speak English and can translate the language of fish to other people. There are only five, and you can only talk to them for 5 minutes.


3 - Museums


Atlantis is full of ancient buildings and equipment, so why not visit the AMOH, Atlantian Museum of History. This museum has fragments of buildings and armour for whales, sharks, seahorses, and dolphins! You can also see the tridents of famous Atlantians who died in the Fall of Atlantis, but the most important trident is the Trident of Poseidon.

4 - Hotels

If you pick the right ones, you will be happy. One of the best hotels is all glass, but the glass is one-sided, so you can have privacy but enjoy the fish at the same time. You will also get free underwater breathing potions and swimming suits if you need them.


5 - Attractions


In Atlantis, attractions are easy to find but hard to pick. There are aquariums, museums, water parks,but most importantly,  Disneyland! This is no ordinary Disneyland, this one has underwater rides and petting zoos. You can also learn how to make and use a trident, which would cost $50.

There isn’t a better place to go in 2020! Book your tickets early or you might have to wait for next year.


New Disneyland Opened Underground!

Karlie W.

Now seven Disneylands are opened around the world. If you been to six of them, then you are lucky. I bet you haven't been to this recently opened Underground Disneyland.


We all know Disneylands are the best place in the world. Except they are too crowded. It’s hard to find a ride that has a short lineup, and that’s the reason why you should visit the UNDERGROUND Disneyland!


You may think this Disneyland will be overcrowded. But you will be mistaken, this Disneyland is the largest in the world.


This Disneyland is right beneath New York City. The total area spends eighty kilometer squares. They used seven years to build this because it’s enormous.


As its name implies, Underground Disneyland is seventy meters underground and has the simulated sunlight system which provides a cozy climate experience. You just need to take a transparent Disney lift or using Marcus’ Atlantis spaceship to get down there.


The entrance to Underground Disneyland.

The first thing you’ll see is the palatial entrance with no lineup. There are five passages to the park, people will be separate into different rides.

If you turn around, you’ll be amazed by the fancy shapes of the hotel buildings. You can choose from eight thousand six hundred and seventy-seven rooms to book your favourite: Snow White themed Bedroom decorations, Star Wars Rebel themed or Dark Side themed, even Avengers themed…

Choose from one of many themed hotel rooms!

Inside the Underground Disneyland, it is even more gorgeous! Glowing crystal tracks will guide you to the Mulan Castle surrounded by the brand new rides: Crystal Rollercoaster, Lava Rafting, Seven Dwarfs’ Dinosaur Adventure… no impossible things, there is a world’s first Glowworm Park waiting for you to try.


Underground Disneyland even has it's own sky!

At the Underground Disneyland, you can try all the food around the world and food that are only available at Underground Disneyland. Crystal surp, you may never heard of, right? It’s the natural crystals picked by the seven dwarfs from the amethyst geodes. And fish legs which was imported from Marcus’ Atlantis Park (try them, they’re delicious).

This Disneyland is suitable for families with children and elders because we can control the weather. It’s also a good idea to hangout with your friends and enjoy this unique amusement park.

Visit the amusement park with your friends and family.

Night World: The Dream Hotel

Henry L.

When you visit night world, you will see a dark place with glowing lights.


It has 12 floors with 2 floors underwater. At ground floor, you will see where you eat and a big swimming pool you can swim in it. The restaurant also provides electronics such as iPads and computers. The iPads and computers have all the apps you need so you only need to type in the app you need and open it. You can take the iPads and computers to the swimming pool, but if you lose it in the water, you will have to pay twice the amount of what it cost when they bought it. There is also a children’s playhouse and a kids alley.


On the second floor, you can have laser tags with robots or with friends. If you win against the robots, you get one thousand dollars for free.


On floor 3, there is a water world where you can play nonstop all day if you live in the hotel. If you don’t live inside the hotel, you can pay 100 dollars a day.


Floor 4 to floor 10 is the hotel rooms.


On floor -1, you can have a under the sea hotel room where you can see fish swim by you. At floor -2, there is a spinning restaurant under the sea! Only the people that bought a breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the restaurant can go in.

There is also a rope climb that is 3 floors high. It is indoor and has a view of the ocean. At the restaurant , you have to use your laser tag gun to shoot at the food you have to eat the food you shoot. If you don’t, then you would have to pay a lot of money. The food you shoot are all served to you by the robots. 

"The food is awesome and the robots are fascinating. I really liked the laser tag, though I didn’t win. The robots were way better than what I thought they would be. Even though I was a skilled player, I lost to the robots. I hope to win next time because you get 1 million dollars if you win.” -Jack Wang

In the winter, you can go to a outdoor spa filled with hot water. There are a lot of different spa’s there. One of them is 100 Celsius hot! No one ever dares to go inside that pool. In the summer, the outdoor spa becomes a outdoor pool. You can also go to the beach if you go down from the spa. Usually no one except the hotels residents are there. There is no poisonous creatures in the water so don’t be scared about being stung by a jellyfish. There is also a kids alley only for kids. You can go to the children’s playhouse if you want to watch over your kid by yourself. There is also electronics at kids alley. At kids alley, kids can play with other kids in their section. You can also have a birthday party there without parents. 


You can also have some water activities in the summer, too. There is some banana boats where you can just think which way you would want to go and it will go in that direction. You can get a submarine and go underwater to see the fishes. Every night at 8:00pm, we would play laser tag at the pool. There is hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, and all kinds of food at the restaurant. 


“Nightworld is an awesome hotel." -Penny Jones