PACE Science Club is an online learning experience for students who want to further their knowledge in science. Each year, PACE Science Club covers a variety of different science topics ranging from the digestive system to psychology. 



The PACE Science Club is an outlet for students to further their science knowledge beyond what is taught in school. Each year, the club covers a set of new topics. Our curriculum is designed to break down complicated topics and make it more easily digestible.


This year (Summer 2021), students of PACE Science Club will explore the immune system, neuroscience, and psychology.


PACE assigns mandatory homework across all of our clubs. Students are also given access to online resources via Google Classroom.

At the end of each PACE Science class, students will receive a weekly homework assignment that tests their knowledge of the topic covered in class. Students can also communicate with the instructor on Google Classroom for extra help if they need extra guidance.

There will also be a homework review each week to cover the common mistakes from the previous assignment. 


2021-2022 Class Year
Status: Open