Public speaking and structured writing are essential skills that will accompany us throughout our lives. SAGE Club will help students become confident speakers and persuasive writers. These speaking and writing prompts are fueled by an enriching curriculum that provide students the opportunity to think deep and discuss about the issues we face today.



The club is structured to focus on laying a foundation for thinking logically. Students will learn how to clearly articulate their thoughts from beginning to end. Afterwards, students will build on their logical thinking by tackling different writing and discussion topics. They'll be challenged to take their opinions on an issue, discuss it amongst their peers, and write a persuasive essay or speech.


PACE assigns mandatory homework across all of our clubs. Students are also given access to online resources via Google Classroom.

At the end of each SAGE club meeting, students will receive a weekly homework assignment to help them practice what they learned in class. All assignments receive careful review and feedback from instructors, detailing what the student can do to improve. The SAGE Club workload will grow increasingly harder across each class. Our program will teach students how to effectively manage their workload and utilize their time. 


2021-2022 Class Year
Status: Open