Prompt: Modern day education does not prepare kids for the real world.

Victims of Education

     Mark Twain, one of the most influential writers in the history of America, once said, “I’ve never let my school interfere with my education”. We, the modern day people, are blinded to the incompetence of our current school system because governments and schools often insist on making citizens believe in the adequacy of the education system. However, in a time when even America’s greatest authors are saying that schooling does not prepare youth the way education should, people must question their trust in our school system. Modern-day education does not prepare children for adulthood because it teaches students a de-individualized curriculum, different moral values from what is needed in the real world, and to depend on others of higher authorities to make important decisions for them.

     The majority of modern-day education is taught based on a pre-made curriculum and set courses which all children are required to study. When we think back to 9500 years before the birth of Christ, human civilizations will remember to the dawn of a new era, agriculture. When the agricultural revolution began, what transformed humans from tribes of animals to a sophisticated group of beings was our ability to divide tasks between members of our ingroups- some individuals farmed, others took care of children, and others completed household chores. This multi-tasking dynamic ensured our success as a species. In contrast to this historical success, schools today force every child to learn the same skills in the same classrooms and take the same courses. This leads to a society of adults who all have basic knowledge on each subject, but specialize in none. This is the exact opposite of what made society progress successfully originally. Albert Einstein, the father of modern science, once famously said, “everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. Every individual has different interests and specialties. Schools fail to prepare children to be adults who contribute to society by stripping them of their development on their unique abilities.

     In our schools today, the values taught are mostly of obedience and learning what is already known and discovered by humans throughout history. These values have proven to be not only unnecessary but even the exact opposite of what adults need in order to succeed in life. According to the Foundation for Economic Education, if you “say on tests precisely what you are supposed to say, and learn what you are supposed to learn – you are a success in school”, and that “in the workplace, by contrast, the ideal is productivity”. The values which schools teach for obeying and conforming to standard systems are put to waste when adults enter the real world- where nobody cares through which system you accomplish tasks, so long as the end result is that you complete them. As what adults need in order to function in society is to achieve goals, not to obey others, our school system which so wrongfully teaches values including obedience, passing exams, and not questioning existing knowledge fails to prepare children for adulthood.

     When asked what the ideal student in present-day schools is like, a teacher and writer with the Study Moose Organization said, “ideal students are noble, studious and high-minded in their duties”. Most teachers and schools nowadays think in a wrongful way that this teacher does. They tell students to be noble, to put all of their trust in teachers who have higher authority than them. They preach a mindset to students that they should allow others to make choices for them, a mindset which later influences these students as adults to become entirely dependent on others when it comes to making major decisions. As Annie Holmquit, a senior writer for the Intellectual Takeout, said in her recent article, “[students] wait for a teacher to tell them what to do. This is the most important lesson of them all: we must wait for other people, better trained than ourselves, to make the meanings of our lives”. Let us think of the effects of such dependence on others when children become flourished adults. They likely may depend on and allow other adults to make decisions for them ranging from minute choices, such as what to wear to a social gathering, to important and life-changing ones, such as which job offer out of many to take or which house to live in. With the unbelievably incompetent guidance of our current school system, children develop into adults whose lives are extremely vulnerable to the actions of others. The way in which the school system unsuccessfully prepares kids for the future causes them to willingly, yet unconsciously, give others permission to potentially abuse them and ruin their lives.

     A world of individuals who depend on others to make major decisions for them is a world without meaning. Imagine six billion adults who are unprepared to make their fair contribution to society. Adults who have been taught all their lives to obey the commands of others and not to question conventional knowledge can hardly be considered adults. This is the future of a society in which the education system fails our youth to become fully flourished and competent adults. Modern-day education does not prepare children for adulthood because it utilizes a set curriculum, teaches moral values that differ from what adults need in the real world, and tell students to depend on others of higher authorities to make important decisions for them.

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