Our Year One Scholars' journeys started back in September 2018. Click here to read about their performance at the previous round of the World Scholar's Cup competition.

The Competition

A Moment of Respite

After sweeping the Regional Round in Vancouver, PACE Scholars took a moment to celebrate their achievements and growth in the past year. Afterwards, they continued to refine their skills and sharpen their knowledge in preparation for the next level of competition, the Global Round. As the school year came to an end, some scholars prepared from the comfort of their homes, while others studied from half-way across the globe. Despite this distance, every scholar stayed in touch and found the time for online meetings to listen and participate in weekly debates.

A few days before the competition, our scholars packed their bags and rendezvoused in Sydney, Australia. Scholars who hadn't seen their teammates in months shared hugs of excitement upon meeting again. Everyone would spend the few remaining free days studying and walking around Sydney together, enjoying a short moment of leisure and respite before the competition.

Effort and Success

The first day of competition consisted of three events: Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, and Scholar's Challenge. Scholars would work with their teammates to plan and deliver speeches based on three different topics in Team Debate, tackle three different essay prompts in Collaborative Writing, and flex their knowledge of the curriculum in the Scholar's Challenge. The 10 hour day was, without a doubt, arduous. Despite this, our scholars came out in high spirits with enough energy to continue discussing the events with their teammates and peers. On the second day of competition, scholars competed with their team in the Scholar's Bowl- a test of collective knowledge and strategy.

PACE cheers for the teammates on stage

With the competition coming to an end, everyone could finally unwind as they wait for the results of their year-long effort. During the awards ceremony, the PACE congregation quietly watched as hundreds of names flashed across the projector. While some scholars were confident that they would see their name, others were still unsure. When the first PACE student's name was called, PACE scholars, coaches, and parents erupted in cheers and applause. All 21 of our scholars would walk the stage multiple times, receiving awards in recognition of their hard work. All 21 scholars would return to high-fives and hugs from their peers, coaches, and parents. As their names continued to plaster across the screen, an echo could be heard from the stage-

"And the Asimov Scholar is..."


Art Yu (gr 7) wins two Asimov Awards in his first year of competition! The Asimov Award is a prestigious award given to the highest achieving scholar in the Scholar's Challenge, representing that scholar's vast knowledge and understanding of the World Scholar's Cup curriculum. Art's team, Keven Pi (Gr 6) and William Jiang (Gr 7), also won 2nd place in Team Challenge, 4 top 10 trophies, 29 gold medals, and 10 silver medals collectively.

The deafening cheers for Art's achievement was followed by more deafening cheers from the PACE congregation, highlighting the achievement of the other teams:

Angela Lu (Gr 8) won the honor of being the flag-bearer and junior representative for Canada, placing 4th in the overall individual ranking. Her team, Coco Li (Gr 8) and Jennifer Zhang (Gr 8), also won 3rd Team Challenge and 3rd in the overall team placements, bringing home four top 10 trophies collectively.

Nathan Lin (Gr 6) took 1st place in the Literature category of the Team Challenge event, beating out 1500 other scholars from around the world. His team, Elvin Sun (Gr 7) and Alex Zhu (Gr 7), placed 25th in the overall team ranking.

Calvin Liu (Gr 7), Alec Situ (Gr 8), and David Huang (Gr 8) won 29 gold and 9 silver medals collectively, also claiming a 6th place trophy in Team Challenge and placing 13th in Collaborative Writing.

Sunny Liu (Gr 7) placed 48th in a individual debate. Her team, Alice Wang (Gr 7) and Ruobing Zhuo (Gr 7), won 7 gold and 15 silver medals as well as placing 62nd in Team Debate.

Jason Ma (Gr 8), Jet Li (Gr 6), and Brandon Irawan (our honorary PACE Scholar from Australia) won 6 gold and 6 silver medals collectively.

Lotus Lei (Gr 5) won a gold medal in the Skittles Division (under 11 years old). Her team, Ethan Wang (Gr 6) and Larry Jin (Gr 6) won 5 gold and 3 silver medals collectively.


Below is a shortened list of our scholar's collective achievement.

Team placements are out of 500, individual placements are out of 1500.

Scholar's Challenge

Team: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 37th, ...

Individual (Art): 3rd, 9th, 18th, 22nd, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 89th, ...

Individual (Socials): 1st, 6th, 8th, 17th, 48th, 58th, 86th, 87th, 89th, ...

Individual (History): 1st, 18th, 44th, 54th, 83rd, ...

Individual (Literature): 1st, 5th, 10th, 19th, 25th, 30th, 58th, 77th, 78th, 79th, ...

Individual (Science): 13th, 14th, 27th, 63rd, 67th, 88th, ...