Nathan Lin (10th) and Alice Wang (top 25)

Congratulations to our PACE students this past weekend at the Elmacon math competition at UBC! Thirteen of our students participated and eight placed in the top 25, with two placing in the top 10. This year’s Elmacon was extremely competitive, with over 500 participants.

We are extremely proud of our students and the improvement that they have shown since September of 2018. While the results are exciting, the journey was just as exciting. Math is not something to be done by yourself in a small room, but something to be enjoyed with other people. We are excited for them to continue growing and learning!

Below is a list of our PACE student's performance.

Grade 5 Katherine Luo (top 25)

Richard Zhu (top 25)

Grade 6 Nathan Lin (9th)

Grade 7 Elvin Sun (10th) Alex An (top 25)

William Jiang (top 25)

Alice Wang (top 25)

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