All semester long, scholars have been refining their speaking skills and exploring creative writing. Everyone has been working hard to improve their rhetoric, voice modulation, dialogue, and much more. Now that the semester is coming to an end, we'd like to showcase the following student's stories and speeches:

Keven Pi (Gr 7)

Nathan Lin (Gr 7)

Coco Li (Gr 9)

Jennifer Zhang (Gr 9)

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The Lessons We've Forgotten

Priceless Posessions

Everyone scrambled out of the bus to see the sight of the camp. The cabins were to the right of us, lined up besides one another with the dark green forest in the backdrop. To the right, was a lake that stretched on for miles and miles. And the water was so calm and clear, without a single ripple, that you could see the bottom of the lake. Everyone stood in admiration, soaking in the beauty of nature.

“Please head to your cabins! We will be meeting back here in 10 minutes!” our teacher shouted over the excitement. My cabin mates and I carried our overflowing luggage into our cabin.

As we entered the cabin, we were welcomed by a damp odour. We all dropped our bags to the ground and started to explore our new, temporary, home.

“I call sleeping on the bottom bunk,” one of my friends called out. She ran across the room and chose a bunk at the corner. After sorting out our sleeping arrangements, we headed out to meet up with the rest of our grade.

“Welcome to Evan’s Lake Camp!” Our camp advisors warmly said. “For the next few days, make yourself at home and enjoy your stay at camp! Let’s get started now!”

Everyone rose to their feet, split into groups, and started their adventure.

The days at camp would fly by. On the night before our departure, I strolled towards the campfire as the cold night air brushed against my face. The sky was clear. Looking up, I saw stars brightly lit across the blanket of darkness. The fire crackled as the smoke soared into the air, disappearing into the night sky. We took our spots near the fire, sharing the warmth.

Once everyone settled into their seats, the true celebration began. Together we danced, sang, and goofed around. We grew increasingly tired as the night went on.

“We have one more song for you all,” our camp advisor said while walking outside of the campfire circle.

A moment later, he returned with a guitar in his hands. As we all settled into our seats, the camp advisor started to strum. As the soft tune of the guitar filled the silence of the night, we all fell silent. As a group of grade sevens, this was the quietest we had ever been. We were lost in a world of music, enjoying this tranquil moment together- no worries, no stress. Just us and the music.

I’ll never forget this moment. I remember gazing into the crackling fire. I remember looking at my friends, teachers, and classmates sitting around me. I wished to stay in that moment forever. It was a moment where nothing mattered but the people around me.

As the music came to an end, we snapped back to reality. That moment was over and we applauded the wonderful performance.

I would give anything to go back to that night, to that performance, but it’s not possible to turn back time. This moment only exists in my memories. To others, it might not seem special, but for me, it’s priceless. It’s the small things that I cherish the most. It’s the small things that I’ll remember forever.