An Unexpected Turnout

Program Director, Lisa Yang, speaks during Math Club orientation

We hosted our second annual orientation this past Sunday, May 12th, marking the end of Year One and the beginning of Year Two. When we held our first orientation test in 2018, our team had no idea what to expect in the coming year. We did, however, have a learning philosophy, a few dedicated instructors, and a hundred unsuspecting applicants. Now that the coming year is here, it's truly amazing to see how everything came together. Planning fun and engaging lessons day and night, our instructors worked tirelessly to foster the core of our learning philosophy: a positive attitude. Watching our Year One students embracing this philosophy and growing into self-motivated learners has been our greatest joy.

Year One student volunteers at the check-in desk

Out in the hallway, some of these students and their parents are present as volunteers to welcome potential Year Two students. A few Year One students were quite upset upon realizing that their parents didn't register them to be volunteers. Inside the main hall, our founder and Program Director speaks in front of two hundred faces. Seeing this turnout, we can't help but be thankful for the parents who believed in our philosophy, the instructors who helped instill its values, and the students who accepted these values into their lives. With their support and this amazing turnout, we'll be expanding from our initial 3 classes to 6 in order to accommodate our new students.

Despite this, we are sorry to say that we won't be able to accept every student who came to the orientation as we are still limited by our small staff. Our team spends days planning lessons to provide our students with the best learning experience. Because of this, we cannot dilute our instructor's planning time in favor of more classes.

Early congratulations and welcome to all of our Year Two students. We're excited for Year Two and we hope you are as well! See you in September.

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