Many students find math a boring repetition of formulas and solutions. Math Challenge takes math beyond the classroom and turns it into a challenging, yet rewarding, learning experience. Students will encounter math they’ve never seen before, taught in an engaging and social environment. Prepare yourself for a challenge!



The Math Challenge classroom is structured to help learners develop essential life skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. School math teaches kids to learn a problem and how to solve it, progressing into a higher level of difficulty each year. Our curriculum pushes students to challenge themselves to explore more than just formulated solutions. Students will work with difficult problems that will require them to utilize more than just formulas. 


The club is also designed to help make learning social. Students are place into teams with three or four others, cycled monthly, where they will collaborate to tackle difficult problems. This social environment helps them find joy in learning whilst also accelerating their academic progress.


Along with the weekly lesson, students will also get a chance to engage in various activities designed to improve their personal progress. In personal challenges, students compete against their peers in a test of quick thinking. In team challenges, teams compete against other teams to discuss and solve difficult problems.


Whatever the activity, students are always encouraged to stay positive and persistent in their struggles to overcome the challenge ahead of them. Students can also earn PACE Points, which can be used at the end of the semester to trade for goodies!


PACE assigns mandatory homework across all of our clubs. Students are also given access to online resources via Google Classroom.

At the end of each Math Challenge class, students will receive a weekly homework assignment to help them practice and improve their understanding of the lesson. The homework will be difficult as it is designed to be a challenge of critical thinking and persistence. When this happens, students are encouraged to ask their peers or instructor for advice.


After homework review the following week, students will be given access to a detailed solution set that they can use to help them understand the problems they had trouble solving.


2021-2022 Class Year
Status: Open