Speaking, writing, and reading are all fundamental to our lives. Creative Scholars help students improve their public speaking and creative writing skills. Through poetry, short stories, drama, and film-making, students are given the chance to explore their interests in a fun an engaging environment. 



The Creative Scholars classroom is designed to help learners develop essential life skills like public speaking and creative writing. Each semester, students will explore a variety of creative arts such as poetry, short stories, drama, and film-making.  Through poetry and short stories, students will learn to analyze deeper meanings and write their own pieces. Through drama and film-making, students will learn to be expressive and vocal. Every unit is aimed towards helping students find joy in their work and confidence in their voice.


Across the various units, students will engage in activities to help them refine their skills. In poetry and short stories, students are given the opportunity to share their interpretations of each piece of art. In drama and film-making, students will work with their peers to write, cast, act, and produce their own piece!


PACE assigns mandatory homework across all of our clubs. Students are also given access to online resources via Google Classroom.

At the end of each Creative Scholars class, students will receive a weekly homework assignment to help them improve their reading comprehension and creative writing. These assignments give students allows students to apply what they learned in class into their own writing. Our Creative Scholars instructors will provide detailed feedback on every assignment, helping students identify areas in need of improvement.


2021-2022 Class Year
Status: Open